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The NUGGETRY Mission

NUGGETRY is a review platform that connects marijuana consumers and businesses through honest and accurate feedback about their buying and customer service experiences.

Our main goal is, and always will be, to help people. NUGGETRY is a free and transparent platform built to help foster trust between marijuana consumers and marijuana businesses.

Helping marijuana companies gather information via reviews allows them to address any issues and fine tune operations by improving their services. We also provide consumers information so that they can make the best buying decisions when shopping in a very crowded market. All of this is possible because of customer reviews.

Completely open platform

100% of NUGGETRY reviews are user generated by our community of marijuana consumers and they’re available for everyone to read. Anyone can review a marijuana dispensary or delivery service. We do our best to make sure that all reviews are honest and accurate and are written by real by a real customer.

Shared experience

Transparency is improved, relationships are built, and trust is strengthened when consumers are able to openly share their buying experiences. It’s doesn’t matter if the feedback is positive or negative. When a business reads and uses that feedback to improves their operation they show their customers that they care about earning their loyalty.

NUGGETRY will help you make your next buying decision by providing you with the information needed to navigate a very crowed and often confusing cannabis marketplace. We help you find businesses that you can trust and provide the peace of mind that allows you to shop with confidence.

We help build trust

Better information and transparency from consumers reviews helps shoppers and business succeed.

When people shop for a new flower brand or are looking to try a different edible, they deserve and expect a positive experience. We make it easy for them to know that they are buying from a reputable business.

We also do our best to help companies in the marijuana space understand their customers which then allows them to win by doing what it takes to provide the optimal buying experience.