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5 Tips For Writing a Solid Review

Honest and accurate NUGGETRY reviews do more than simply help consumers decide where to shop. They also help marijuana dispensaries and delivery services do a better job of running their companies and taking care of their customers.

There’s more to writing a review than simply following our review guidelines. To help you create the best and most helpful review possible we’ve created the “5 tips for writing a solid review” user guide.

1. Include helpful and practical information

Do a good job of explaining why you had either a positive, negative, or in-between experience. Be sure to include enough information to help other consumers understand what happened. Consider writing about specific parts of the business that are run well and other parts that could use some improvement. This is the type of information that companies use to take action.

2. Be honest, accurate, and detailed

Writing a short review occasionally works at making your point. But usually, the more you write, the better the review. Take the time to help readers fully understand where you’re coming from. Walk them through the experience as if they were there with you.

A review that says “Great shop, I’ll definitely be back” is way too short to help consumers make an informed decision or to help a company use your feedback to improve.

If you have a problem with a company that needs to be addressed right away, reach out and contact them directly.

3. Write about multiple elements including price, products, and staff

You review will appeal to a higher number of readers if you do a good of writing about the entire experience. What was the check-in process like? How friendly is the person answering the phone? How large is the selection? How long did the driver take to arrive? Are the prices competitive? Are the budtenders knowledgable or do you fell like they just making things up? Reviewing only one aspect of the business gives readers a limited view of the company.

4. Make sure you're on the correct page

You’d be surprised at how many people write a review about a delivery they received on a brick-n-mortar dispensaries NUGGETRY page. If a dispensary also offers delivery, 99% of the time the delivery arm of the shop will have it’s own page on NUGGETRY.

Check the title of the page and the business information to confirm you are on the correct page.

5. Double check your review

It’s always a good idea to double check your review. Taking a second look helps you catch any grammar or spelling errors and also gives you an idea of how readable your review is. Take a minute or two to give it a read before posting. And remember, if you want to make any changes you can always email us at help@nuggetry.com.