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Review Guidelines

NUGGETRY exists to provide consumers a place to help improve the marijuana industry. It’s a free-to-use platform available to everyone where you can share your honest and accurate opinions of cannabis businesses.

Please follow and respect our review guidelines along with our Terms of Use to make sure NUGGETRY is a community that both users and businesses can benefit from.

Write a review when:

Write a review after you’ve had a recent, honest experience with a marijuana dispensary or delivery service.

Writing a review gives you a chance to express your opinion and share the details of your experience with fellow consumers and provide accurate feedback and information to businesses. Keep your review current by providing information on an experience that happened within the last few months. This helps users get a good idea of how a business operates now instead of how they used to. It’s also provides cannabis companies with up-to-date, relevant information they can act on to improve.

Be hoenst and accurate

Do your best to be as honest and accurate as possible when writing a review. Do not make up a review or write a review based on your friends experience. Definitely do not write a review for a company that you work for or compete with.

Be respectful

You can be respectful and critical at the same time. Don’t be rude. Do not write a review that contains information that is harmful, hateful, discriminatory, defamatory, or obscene. Be truthful and don’t lie about your experience. Do not try and bully, blackmail, or make threats to someone or a business.

Explain defamatory

NUGGETRY is a platform that serves both users and businesses and we try our best to look out for both. Our intention is to provide consumers with a space to share (good or bad) and businesses with accurate data without causing serious damage or financial loss to a person or company.

The most effective type of review is one that fairly explains an experience and lets users form their own opinion based on what they read.

We stay neutral in regards to what happens between a consumer and a business. after all, we are a review website and not a cannabis industry judge and jury.

No advertising

Using a review for advertising or promotional reasons and/or mentioning other dispensaries or deliveries is not allowed. NUGGETRY is not to be used to sell your items, offer discounts, or meet thc or cbd consumers in your area.

No private information

NUGGETRY reviews are viewable to the public immediately after you click post. Never include your personal information or that of another person. Names, addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses will be removed and possibly lead to your review, or even your profile to be deleted.

Confirm the business you're reviewing

We list both marijuana dispensaries and delivery services. If a dispensary also delivers it will have a page for each and those pages can look very similar. If you’re intending on leaving a review for a specific delivery service please make sure you’re on the delivery service page and not the page for the dispensary with the same name. And vice versa.

User account

To post a review on NUGGETRY you need to create a user account first. Username’s cannot be harmful, hateful, discriminatory, racist or obscene. If your name violates these terms your account will be deleted.

A current and valid email address must be used to create your user account.

How to edit or delete a review

Only NUGGETRY admins and edit or delete a review. If you need a review edited or deleted for any reason please email help@nuggetry.com. Include the following information:

1.  The review you’d like to edit or delete.

2.  The url of the page the review lives on.
3.  The username, date, and time the review was posted.

The email address you email us from requesting the change to the review must exactly match the email address of the user account that posted the review. That way we can confirm it’s your review.

Reporting reviews

Any NUGGETRY user can report a review. We check all report emails immediately and take the appropriate action if needed. Always be as honest and accurate as possible when reporting a review. Please provide as much detail as you can as to why you are reporting a review.

You're out!

If a NUGGETRY user reports a review that you posted and we find that it is in violation of our rules it will be removed. If it’s really bad, your user account will be deleted. When a user account is deleted all of the reviews associated with that account are also deleted.

The final word

Our review guidelines were created to make sure everyone understand what is and is not allowed. We have the final word regarding the interpretation of the guidelines and how they are applied. We reserve the right to update and/or change our guidelines at any time, for any reason. Visit the NUGGETRY Help Center for more information on how we operate the platform.