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The Life of a Review

NUGGETRY review go live the second you click the post button and provide marijuana and cbd consumers an opportunity to learn from your experience.

This articles explains what happens with your review after it’s posted. 

1. A user writes his/her review

The life of a NUGGETRY review begins with a dispensary or delivery service customer writing about their own first hand experience and giving the business a star rating of one to five.

The best consumer reviews do a good job of explaining the entire experience from start to finish. A well written review helps users on NUGGETRY and provides value to the business being reviewed. Honest and accurate accounts of exactly what happened, details of the experience, and thoughts on customer service are the most useful and valuable.

Do not include personal information or promotions and/or advertising. Check out our Review Guidelines for a detailed explanation of what’s allowed and what should be excluded.

2. Newest reviews first

NUGGETRY reviews post chronologically with the newest reviews at the top of the list.

Reviews are posted in real time and are immediately viewable. We moderate every review within 24 hours of it going live on the site and take action if necessary. Businesses have have no say in what is said about them or when a review goes live.

3. Honest and accurate

The term ‘Honest and Accurate’ means a lot to us here at NUGGETRY. Most people write reviews with the intention of helping others. Those reviews remain on NUGGETRY for consumers and businesses to learn from.

On the other hand there is a small group of people/organizations that for reasons of their own prefer to write fake reviews. Out moderation team and community of NUGGETRY users to a great job of weeding them out. These reviews are removed permanently and the creators are instantly banned from using the platform.

4. Anyone can report a review

Reviews that go against our guidelines can be reported at any time by a user or a business. The NUGGETRY moderation team looks at every reported review and takes appropriate action. 

5. Some reported reviews remain on NUGGETRY

Some reported reviews violate our rules but the problem is minor and can be addressed without having to delete the review. In this case our moderation will edit the review and notify the reviewer that there was an issue and that it’s been resolved.

If a business being reviewed claims that the reviewer has not had a real experience with them we may ask the reviewer to provide documentation that shows their review is based on a real interaction.

All reviews are treated equally, regardless if they are positive or negative.

6. Certain review are permanently removed

Reviews that are obviously fake or are flagrant rule breakers will be removed and will no longer count towards a business’ NUGGETRY score. Reviews that are removed are not deleted and can be reinstated at a later time if appropriate.

NUGGETRY reviews are considered user-generated content (UGC) and considered to be property of the person that wrote the review. A review will only be permanently removed if a user send a removal request to our moderation team from the exact email address that was used to set up the users NUGGETRY profile. 

7. Updating/editing a review

If at any time a reviewer decides one of their reviews needs to be updated or edited they should contact our customer service team for help. If a user has had a new experience with a dispensary or delivery service they are welcome to write another review.

8. Reviews remain

Reviews that remain on NUGGETRY are listed in the order that they were posted. Live reviews provide a way for readers with information to help make buying decisions and businesses the opportunity to learn from their customers.