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How to Report a Review

Notice something that is against the NUGGETRY rules? Community members work together to keep the standards high by reaching out and letting us know when there is a problem.

Our compliance team moderates every single review submitted on NUGGETRY within 24 hours of posting. Every once and a while something may slip through the cracks and that’s when we rely on your help.

Every reported review is checked and if it’s found to be in violation of our guidelines we remove it immediately.

Report a review when:

1. It's harmful and/or illegal

Hate speech and/or discrimination. If a review or post attacks or uses discriminatory language regarding a person’s or group’s religion, ethnicity, nationality, race, color, gender, or sexual orientation, it will be removed.

Terrorism. If a review or post is intended to radicalize someone, spread harmful information or propaganda, mobilize support for a terrorist organization, group, or activities, or relates to violent extremism, it will be removed.

Threats and/or violence. If a review or post is intended to target a person or a business with online abuse or harassment it will be removed. If a review or post promotes physical harassment or violence and/or destruction of property offline it will be removed.

Obscenity. If a review or post contains graphic descriptions of violence or sexual acts it will be removed.

A review will not be removed simply because you disagree with it or because it is critical of a person or a business.

2. Your personal information is included

If a review or post contains your name, phone number, address, and/or email address, it will be removed.

3. Advertising and/or promotions

If a review or post includes a promotional code or advertises/mentions another business it will be removed.

4. It's not an honest and accurate experience

If a review or post is written by an employee, a competitor, or by someone who was compensated for writing a fake review, it will be removed.

How do I report a review?

1.  Locate the review you want to report.
2.  Locate the url of the page the review lives on.
3.  Locate the username, date, and time the review was posted.

4.  To submit your report, send an email to report@nuggetry.com and include the page url, the username, date, time, and the reason you are reporting the review.

Then what?

1.  Your email is received by the NUGGETRY compliance team. They determine whether or not the review is in violation of our rules. The reported review remains live and we still count the score and star rating.
2.  If the reported review does not violate our rules, the report is dismissed and the review will remain live.

3.  If the reported review does violate our rules, it will immediately be edited or removed by our compliance team depending on the issue.

Am I notified?

Normally we do not notify users of the results of a report investigation. Don’t worry, we will take the appropriate action if necessary.

Can I report more than one review?

Yes. As long as you honestly believe there’s an issue. Do not report a review simply because you disagree with the reviewers opinion or you are not a fan of the business being reviewed.