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Who Can and Cannot Write a Review?

The best reviews are based on real experiences had by real marijuana dispensary and delivery service customers. Which is why we have rules outlining who can, an cannot write NUGGETRY reviews.

You can write a review when:

The NUGGETRY Review Guidelines explain that you can review a business after having the following types of recent experiences:

  • You made a purchase
  • You placed a delivery order (even if you cancelled it)
  • You talked with a business (phone, email, or chat)
  • You visited a dispensary
  • You used a company’s products

Any other rules?

In addition to the rules above, be sure that the review you are writing is:

  • About a personal experience of your own
  • About an experience that recently occurred.

When can't you write a review?

You cannot write a review is you have an affiliation with the business in question. Do not write a review about a company that:

  • You own, used to own, a family member owns, or you’ve invested in
  • You work for
  • Is a direct competitor of a business you own or work for

Best way to write a review

Have a look at the NUGGETRY Getting Started Guide for detailed instructions on the best way to write a review. The entire process of creating a profile, locating a specific business, and writing a review is covered.

After a review is live you can always email us to have it edited or deleted.

If you need some help on the best way to write a review check out this article.