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What Happens After a Review is Reported

Every reported review is seen by the NUGGETRY moderation team. If we decide it violates our Review Guidelines action is taken.

Reported reviews are a part of the process and they’re handled by our moderation team. The action taken depends on the reason the review was reported.

1. Reporting a review alerts the team

When an email is sent to report@nuggetry.com it is received by every member of the moderation team. The first moderation team member to open the email is the person who decides if action needs to be taken.

2. The report email is reviewed

A member of the moderation team reads the reported review to determine if it violates our review guidelines. If a review needs to be edited, we edit it. We do not contact the reviewer and ask them to edit it.

3. The reported issues is resolved

The NUGGETRY moderation team will inform you of the outcome and let you know if the reported review has been edited, removed, or no action was taken.

Reported review remains live. If it’s determined the review does not violate our guidelines or if the issues can be resolved with a simple edit, the review will remain on the site.

Reported review is removed. If it’s determined that the review in question grossly violates our guidelines and cannot be fixed with a simple edit, it will be removed.