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NUGGETRY is a marijuana industry focused review website that’s free for everyone to use. Our focus is to bring businesses and consumers together in a very crowded market.

We provide cannabis consumers with an easy to use platform so that can share their shopping experiences by writing honest and accurate reviews that other people can use to make informed decisions. The reviews consumers write provide businesses with valuable feedback into their customers habits and mindset which allows them to improve how they run their operation. Engagement between consumer and business is what makes NUGGETRY a great community.

After creating your NUGGETRY business account, start engaging with the users that write reviews about your company. Listen and learn from their experiences. Take advantage of the insights you’re receiving from real cannabis consumers to build stronger relationships with your customers and improve your business.


We are a company owned and operated by experienced marijuana professionals. Honest and accurate reviews are written by real people from all over. We work hard to build a community that consumers and businesses can use and trust.

We're always here to help

A lot of time has been spent researching the best way to create a platform that serves the need of cannabis consumers and businesses. NUGGETRY has been designed with ease of use in mind. Every page is tested and refined to make it as easy for you to engage with your customers as possible.

The guides in our Help Center are created to walk you through how everything works and to show you the best way to use the platform. Getting you up and running as soon as possible is the goal that way you are able to make the most of our platform and engage with the community.