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NUGGETRY is Neutral

Purchase and/or customer service disputes or disagreements between marijuana dispensaries, delivery services, and their customers will not be decided by NUGGETRY

NUGGETRY will always take a neutral position whenever a marijuana business and a customer disagree about the specifics of a buying experience.

For example, if a customer places an order with a delivery service and the customer states that the delivery was late, but the service claims it was made on time. In situations like this we remain neutral.

We remain neutral

Since we are not involved in these situations we are not in any position to determine who’s at fault. NUGGETRY is simply a platform and community that makes it possible for consumers to review businesses. A neutral position is the only position that makes sense for us.

The best thing a business can do when they disagree with a user review is reply to the review with their side of the story. Do not ask for a review to be edited or deleted simply because you disagree with the reviewers opinion.

When a NUGGETRY user reads a review and sees the business’ reply, they are able to make an educated decision based on the facts presented by both parties.

Use feedback to generate an opportunity

When a marijuana business responds well to a review it adds to their reputation. Regardless if the review is positive or negative.

Companies that constructively engage with their customers prove that they truly care about their customers. More often than not this leaves consumers with a positive impression of the company in question. Reviewers are able to contact us at any time to edit their review if they change their opinion of the company.

If there are any questions please contact us at help@nuggetry.com anytime.