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How to Reply to Reviews

Engaging with your customers by replying to their reviews is good way to build trust and strengthen your business’ reputation.

It is very important that you take advantage of the opportunity to reply to both positive and negative reviews. Managing feedback is an essential part of review marketing.

Replying to reviews

We make it very easy to reply to a review on NUGGETRY. 

  • Log into your business account.
  • Locate the review you want to reply to and click the ‘Reply’ link below the review.
Reply to Review
  • Type your reply in the text box and click the blue Post Comment button.

Reply tips

  • Keep cool. No matter what the tone of the review is, always reply in a calm respectful voice and keep it professional. Staying calm and showing readers that you reply to reviews creates trust.
  • Keep it brief. When replying to both positive and negative reviews, try and be as brief as possible. Write a reply that shows you know how they feel.
  • Replies are public. Remember, everyone can see your reply and people pay close attention to how businesses respond to reviews.
  • Always say thank you. Make sure to let reviewers know that you appreciate their feedback. Even on negative reviews. Always take the high road.