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Engage With Reviewers

Once you have created a business account on NUGGETRY you have the ability engage with your reviewers. Questions, comments, complaints, and concerns can all be addressed by business owners/managers.

Replying to reviews

Replying to reviews and engaging with your customers is highly recommended. Taking the time to address their comments shows that you care about their opinions. It’s a quick and easy way to build trust with not only your customers, but also with potential customers that read reviews before making purchases.

Ho to reply to a review

To reply to a review, simply click the ‘Reply’ link below the review you wish to reply to. A text window will open allowing you to write your reply. Always thank a reviewer for leaving a review and be respectful when leaving a reply.

Reply to Review

Contacting reviewers

Contacting reviewers is a bit unusual but from time to time it may be necessary for a business in an attempt to get more information about a specific experience.

There are two ways a business on NUGGETRY can contact a reviewer.

  1. Reply to a review asking the reviewer to email them.
  2. Email us at help@nuggetry.com with the questions or information you would like passed on to the reviewer.

At this time we do not provide a system for businesses to directly communicate with reviewers.

Reporting reviews

It doesn’t happen often, but every once and a while a review that violates our guidelines may make it past our moderation team and onto the site. Or you may see a review before our moderation team gets to it. If this happens you can report the review to our moderation team by sending an email to report@nuggetry.com. We will read the review and take appropriate action if necessary.