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Business Tips

The following is a short list of things to do, and not to do when logged into your NUGGETRY business account. For more detailed explanation of what’s allow please read our Business Guidelines.

Who can write a review

  • Encourage recent customers to write reviews about your business.
  • Don’t have employees leave a review even if they shop at your dispensary/delivery.
  • Don’t have family members or business partners write a review.
  • Don’t write reviews for competitors.

Collecting reviews at a dispensary

  • Make sure your customers are able to write reviews without input from your staff.
  • Make sure all customers are able to leave a review even if they had a negative experience.
  • Do not provide equipment (PC or tablet) for customers to write reviews.
  • Do not write a review for a customer or give them advice on what to write.
  • Do not hover over/around a customer that is writing a review.

Email review invitation

  • Make sure your review invitation is clear.
  • Try and send out email review invitations at the same time to all customers.
  • Send email invitations to all customers and not just customers you feel had a positive experience.
  • Do not remove customers from your email list that you feel had a negative experience.
  • Do not ask for a positive review.
  • Do not recommend customers that had a negative experience contact you instead of leaving a review.

Replying to reviews

  • Always be respectful and polite.
  • Try and offer help or support to solve any issues.
  • Always thank the reviewer for leaving a review even if it’s negative.
  • Never include personal pr private information.
  • Never be aggressive or threaten a reviewer.
  • Never ask for a review to be edited or deleted in a reply.

Reporting reviews

  • Make sure you are reporting a review for a valid reason. Read our guide on Reasons For Reporting a Review for details.
  • Report all reviews that in your opinion violate our guidelines.
  • Do not only report negative reviews. Report all reviews that break the rules.
  • Do not report a review more than once.
  • Do not report a review for the wrong reason.