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Business Guidelines

NUGGETRY was built to provide businesses with a way to engage with their customers and learn from user feedback. There is no charge for businesses to use NUGGETRY.

Please follow these business guidelines and respect our Terms of Use. In doing so you are helping us provide a useful and informative platform for the marijuana industry as a whole.

Who can and cannot write a review

If you’re a marijuana dispensary or delivery service customer who had a recent experience with a cannabis business you can write a review. And by experience we mean a phone call, email, chat, delivery order, or trip to a store.

If you have any sort of conflicting interest you cannot write a review. Do not review your own business or a business you used to work for/own, don’t review a competitor, don’t have your employees or family members review your business or a competitor.

Replying to reviews

Only reply to reviews about your business. If possible, try and keep you reply short and to the point. Be respectful and always take the high road when replying to a review. Always reply to a review from a business profile that’s been created using your business email address.

Asking customers for reviews

A good way to get people to write reviews about your business is to incentivize them. Offering a discount or a free item is common and and proven way to generate reviews. Asking customers who are in your shop or using your delivery service is welcomed and recommended.

No fake reviews

Do not write fake reviews or hire someone to write fake reviews about your business. We will find and remove them.

Don't be rude

We expect all contributors to be respectful when using the platform. Do not post anything that is harmful, hateful, discriminatory, defamatory, or obscene. Don’t offer or do anything illegal or try to bully or blackmail anyone. Remember, you are a representative of your company. Stay on brand at all times. Here is the best way to reply to reviewers.

Don't post private information

Privacy is to be respected and protected at all times. Do. not post someone’s private information on NUGGETRY. Do not post names, phone numbers, email addresses, home addresses, ID numbers, or anything that could be used to locate or track a person.

If someone you know, work with, or works for you, decides to use their real name as their NUGGETRY username that’s their decision. It is not recommended for obvious reasons.

Review disputes

Reviews will not be removed from a dispensary or delivery service page just because you don’t agree with it, you think it’s unfair, or you think you deserved a higher rating. We will always remain neutral when it comes to disputes between reviewers and businesses.

Defamatory content

As a review platform that bridges customers and businesses, we must balance our responsibilities to both entities. Positive or negative, it’s important that everyone is able to share their opinions but we have an obligation to remove content that’s likely to cause serious harm to a person’s reputation or financial loss to a business. You can always report a defamatory review.

So we are clear, just because a review is negative does not mean it’s defamatory.

Business profiles and accounts

A business profile is the dispensary or delivery page created by NUGGETRY admins. Business profile pages include information about a business such as their name, phone number, address, email address, website, rating, and reviews.

A business account is similar to a user account only it’s created by a business. Usually a business account will use the business’ name as their username and official business email address when creating the account. Business accounts are used to reply to user’s reviews about their business.

This article explains the process for creating a NUGGETRY business account.

Review writers

The NUGGETRY user that writes a review is the official owner of that review. At any time they can request to have it edited or deleted. They’re also allowed to write more than one review about a dispensary or delivery service if they’ve had more than one experience. At no time do they HAVE to change their review based on your actions. Incentivizing a reviewer to change their review is allowed but not recommended.

Reporting reviews

We moderate every review within 24 hours of it being posted. We are not perfect and there may be an occasion where a review that breaks our Reviews Guidelines ends up live on the site. Using your business account you are able to report any review that breaks the rules or that you feel should be removed from your page.

If a reported review breaches our guidelines it will either be edited so that it complies with the rules or it will be removed from the site.

When reporting a review always be as honest and accurate as possible about the reason your are reporting the review. If a 5 star review breaks the rules, report it the same way you’d report a 1 star review that breaks the rules.

Removing your reply

If a business replies to a review and that reply is in violation of our guidelines it will be removed. Misuse of the NUGGETRY platform may result in your business account being suspended or possibly even deleted.

We have the final word

Our Business Guidelines are in place to help you understand how we run the platform. No matter what, we have the final word regarding the interpretation and implementation of our guidelines. If you have any questions or would like more information visit the NUGGETRY Help Center or email us at help.nuggetry.com.